Inspections on commercial properties can be both time consuming and dangerous. Access to large amounts of the structure are sometimes virtually impossible.


However by utilising a drone the process becomes not only possible, but can be carried out quickly and most importantly safely and without risk, and this includes internal inspections as in the church pictured.


Firefly were tasked with an internal inspection of the 8 upper windows, a task which prohibited access for a cherry picker and which would have cost many thousands of pounds using scaffolding as well as many weeks of disruption.

Firefly completed the task quickly, providing high definition images reflecting numerous critically damaged areas.



Drones are the simple cost effective solution, they can be deployed quickly, minimise human risk and can provide high definition images or video within minutes.







Images supplied can be used as part of the survey process, and output media may include area measurement in both 2 and 3D formats, as can be seen in this screenshot.






Should it be required high resolution video may assist in providing a clear indication of the condition of the asset. Agin collected in a safe and controlled environment. Please click to start this sample video.

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