To place an enquiry we need the following:

  1. Contact details for the person responsible for booking the job.

  2. Exact location, preferably with a postcode or grid reference.

  3.  The preferred date, and an indication of available alternative time frames.

  4. A brief outlining as much detailed information on what you wish us to photograph.


Because every job is different and unique, pricing may vary depending on the complexities of the project.  


All our flights are in accordance with CAA regulations and any enquiry begins with an initial on line pre-flight survey to ensure the viability of the flight, this will include such things as localised flight restrictions and the requirement of any permissions required to ensure the flight is carried out both safely and legally.


We require a relatively  open window scenario with regard to dates, for although we will work as closely as possible to client time frames we have to accept that our aircraft cannot fly in strong winds and rain, and we also appreciate that our clients may have specific requirements which prevent us flying at certain times.  This will always be discussed in full from the outset and other suitable alternatives will be written into the agreement.


Having established that it is a viable project, it may be necessary to carry out a physical on site survey in order to establish any local safety concerns we may have and further establish any permissions we may need from landowners, adjoining properties etc, this is all included  (unless otherwise agreed)  within the price and helps ensure that on the day of the shoot we minimise any possible disruptions or problems.



Following an enquiry we will initially instigate an online site survey. If the result of this is positive we will then provide a detailed quotation outlining the brief as we understand it, a provisional date (subject to suitable conditions) and the price. If you are happy with the quotation we will contact you and may possibly arrange a site visit to discuss any other required arrangements. Once this has all been agreed we require a deposit of 25% and this confirms the date in the diary.


 We will monitor the weather approximately a week prior to the booking and if the outlook looks doubtful we will discuss this with the client 48 hours prior to the shoot.

If a new date is required this will be agreed and the deposit will be carried over for the new date.


Should the client cancel due to factors out of our control  (e.g. a one off event/client availability) Firefly Aerial Imaging will not refund the initial deposit.

If the client insists that we come to site on the original date  and there is inclement weather we will wait on site for as long as possible (within the hours booked) in the hope that we have a break in the weather. If however we are unable to fly payment will still be expected in full,  though we will offer a 25% discount off any re-scheduled date.

If the client cancels within 7 days of the shoot the 25% deposit will not be refunded.


Firefly Aerial Imaging retains the copyright of any aerial photography, be it stills or video.

Clients are permitted to use all supplied materials in conjunction with their own business promotion, media marketing, print requirements, advertising and website use. Clients are not permitted to sell or allow third parties to use or publish any supplied materials without our specific consent which may result in a further fee.

In respect of client confidentiality, Firefly Aerial Imaging will not use or publish any materials prior to publishing by the client. This content may also be sold at a later date to stock libraries.